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Welcome to Pilates Manitoba

Welcome to PILATES MANITOBA, established July 2002. We are the largest, independent Pilates and body therapy centre in the province. We have the most veteran instructors and instructor-trainer, who have been coaching and helping people since the late 1990’s when Pilates came to the city. We have all of the large and small apparatus that assists and challenges the body physics, changing your orientation to gravity and eliminating stress off of the back and joints so that you can learn to move freely again or, if uninjured, to just have the most challenging,fun and unique workout! We are MELT Hand & Foot,MELT Roller and MELT for Pilates certified

Pilates is the art and science of teaching spinal and pelvic stabilization before the start of any exercise. Pilates strengthens the deep muscles of the spine, neck and pelvis before strengthening the superficial muscles. All of our instructors are corrective exercise specialists. As Joseph Pilates originally states in his 1945 book Return to Life through Contrology...

     ... concentrate on the correct movements each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all of the vital benefits of their value. Correctly executed and mastered to the point of subconscious reaction, these exercises will reflect grace and balance in your routine activities. My exercises build a sturdy body and sound mind fitted to perform every daily task with ease and perfection as well as to provide tremendous reserve energy for sports, recreation and emergencies ...

We also teach the MELT® Method, a revolutionary new self-treatment technique that is based on the new science of the connective tissue matrix. This simple, easy method uses special balls and MELT rollers to relieve “stuck stress” by hydrating your connective tissue, eliminating inflammation and pain, and calming your nervous system so that it can sense the world better for you without overwhelming you.

Pilates and MELT® are both superior forms of self-treatment because you are just not learning “what” to do but you are actively involved in “how” the treatment is affecting you. This body sensing and awareness is the true power of both methods because the answers are all inside you! We are excited for you to empower yourself for life. Pilates is a profound way of sensing, feeling and moving your body. The MELT® Method is another brilliant self-help tool, either on its own or when used with Pilates to find and maintain neutral better for pain-free, dynamic stability and moving! Both Pilates and MELT® are amazing processing and sensing tools that are collaborative with other forms of therapy as well.

At Pilates Manitoba, our goal is to provide the most positive, loving, exciting environment for you to sense your body, calm and use your nervous system properly, hydrate and maintain your connective tissue matrix for longevity and vitality. You will get the most caring and intentioned instruction with proper corrections in small, quality controlled, personalized classes. Because the Pilates and MELT method work is so adaptable and modifiable, we have a wide range of programs to meet all needs and goals: injuries, special populations such as arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer or pregnancy, Plus Size Fitness, Plus Size Pilates and Plus Size Yoga, Yoga on the Reformer, back pain, herniated , bulging or ruptured discs, car accidents, headaches, and seniors to name some of our specialized work, in both the group and personal training setting.

Your direct and active involvement in the self-awareness, sensing and self-education process of the Pilates and MELT® methods is the power of the work. We insist on slow, controlled and centered movement because this thoughtfulness and mindfulness is your core! We keep the classes small or the lessons private so that you learn in your own way with focus and intent. We insist on gentle verbal and tactile corrections to help you get clarity and definition of your issues. We help you sense, address and eliminate the problems you are working on. MELT® method works and Pilates works! Won’t you get excited about becoming uninjured? Won’t you give yourself the gift of connecting to the power of a calmed nervous system and hydrated connective system? Won’t you get excited about finally working out without pain or damage to your joints, hips, knees and back? Won’t you get excited about not waking up in pain or with headaches? You do not have to expect or accept any of these or other signs of aging and the fact that your nervous system is trying to get your attention to do something positive! Come and try Pilates and MELT® now! We are excited to work with you and help you reach your ultimate potential.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a Process

Pilates is a way of thinking. While is it a powerful toning and core workout, which we call Fitness Pilates, it is so much more than just that. Pilates is also a form of therapy called neuro-muscular-skeletal re-patterning. It is a process of properly patterning your stabilization and alignment muscle system and aligning it with a calmed nervous system. These are required before you bear force or move. Pilates is a powerful tool for fitness or for overcoming faulty, painful movement patterns that lead to immobility. Pilates is a tool for deepening your existing workout and also for preventing any further damage to injured bodies. Pilates restores proper anatomical and neurological function.

Pilates is More Than Exercise

Pilates focuses on the deep, involuntary muscles that can only get a workout by how well the brain fires an electronic message to them.It is the brain that exercises these muscles.Therefore, the ultimate goal of Pilates is to re-teach the brain's ability to stabilize against varying forces, bear force and shock absorb. Why this process matters is because that is how you are wired to move properly so Pilates is natural stress relief and calming of the nervous system so it is Mindful Meditation and Brain Fitness.

Pilates is Power

Pilates can employ the use of specialized apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chairs, Tower Trainers) which are all spring loaded, remarkable simple and brilliant feedback mechanisms for supporting the body with more springs, challenging it with less springs and learning the proper physics of your body. We must live in gravity and live with the law of oppositional force.Since we must live with these forces, Pilates teaches you to be stronger than any force you are bearing.Simply stated, we have to stabilize before we mobilize and Pilates is that connection. Collect those moments of awareness and deep connectivity with Pilates. It will help you in every aspect of your life.

Pilates is For Life

If you want to change, if you want to get out of pain, if you want to be challenged to be the best you can be...Pilates works because you work hard to make it work. And, you own your core for life. There is no short cut to any place worth going so come and find out for yourself. We want you to be active in brain, mind and body for life.