Avoid Knee Surgery with Pilates

Our client Jana was sent to us by her doctor when exploratory work on her left knee was indicating surgery. After doing Pilates since only Jan 25, 2016, Jana has felt a huge difference: no swelling, the joint does not “go out” anymore and there is no pain in the middle of her knee cap. Jana was amazed that her doctor says there is no need for surgery right now & to keep up the Pilates.


Jana’s Pilates core toning and strengthening plan involved using the Reformer, the major piece of Pilates spring-loaded apparatus. Not only does Pilates rehab, it “prehabs,” so we are confident, along with Jana and her doctor, that she can avoid surgery and stay strong with longevity. We are so happy for Jana, so glad that her doctor used the #1 exercise prescription and so grateful for her sharing this story with us!

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