Who doesn’t know how to use a roller?

The MELT roller is a magic roller. The MELT balls are magic balls. You will feel the difference from any other roller or balls immediately. They are a special density with special, unique techniques how to use them. I dare you to use pool noodles or harder rollers or squash balls and get the same results… wait… any good results. To me, it is like an acupuncturist giving you needles and telling you to just go home, stick them in you and just do any pin pricks.

Oh, while we are at it, please do not roll out your IT band anymore with an object or roller. It is 100% fascia designed to protect the longest bone in the body.We do not even directly use the MELT roller on the IT band. The harder the surface, the more you hurt and pain means you are mashing your fascia. Inflicting pain means you are not self-caring so please do not mash your fascia. The MELT Lower Body Compression techniques are easy and fun.No MELT move ever hurts and that’s good self-care. We can show you how, now!foamroller7.23.13

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