Get your GAME in your body! JOGA

JOGA is a functional movement system that focuses on the biomechanics of your sport, to strengthen the body during training where the risk of injury is the highest. JOGA is a pre-habilitative exercise technique using yoga-like poses through movement, not static stretching. This activates the proprioceptive nerve endings in the connective tissue at the joints so there is less chance of injury while building neuro-strength. The moves put you in a different plane so you can learn new direction and timing while executing the moves of your sport/position/movement pattern.

Sat Oct 15, 22 and 29 at 9-10 am at the amazing Pilates Manitoba gym 204.487.2287 to register or sign-in online! $20 per drop in or use your flex class pass to take a JOGA class. Jodian is your awesome instructor and an amazing athlete!




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