Feel, look and move like a kid again with Pilates & MELT

Thanks to FK of Winnipeg for sharing this great story!

I started classes at Pilates Manitoba 6 years ago, to prepare for a trip to an agriturismo near Turin that offered Italian cooking and Pilates classes. I wasn’t familiar with Pilates and since it seemed foolish to travel so far without knowing the basics, I registered for an introduction via 3 private sessions. Pilates was unlike any other fitness regimen I’d tried. I wasn’t really looking for a workout regimen that was purposeful, efficient and fun; I was used to the grind of running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike and lifting weights because effective exercise was hard work, and I didn’t expect it to be fun. Imagine my surprise when I realized that Pilates was fun. I opted for personal training sessions over group classes because they fit into my schedule and each session was tailored to that week’s sore spots. As my body awareness increased I began to think about how I moved through space, and all the different body parts involved in unconscious movement.

I was amazed by the level of anatomical knowledge possessed by my instructors, and their insight into my aches and pains. Ongoing professional development by staff ensures that Joseph Pilates’ fundamentals are reinforced and reimagined as new understanding about body movement and neuroplasticity combine. Pilates has taught me to be aware of how to move my body effortlessly through space. I learned that engaging my core was more about thoughtful movement than holding in my stomach. MELT helped me address chronic stiffness through fascia rehydration exercises that never hurt. I’ve started a combination of MELT and Pilates that’s a form of physical meditation called Neuro Strength training. I am 100% focused as I think about my movements, receive feedback from the MELT rollers, properly execute the Pilates exercises and breathe 3-dimensionally. The time flies by and an hour later my posture is straight, my joints move freely, and I feel limber, younger and stronger.

Our bodies are constantly changing in response to our environment. This seems so obvious, but it’s not something I really noticed as I hurled through my busy life. Since my children are older and life is less hectic, I’ve decided to reconsider aging as the collection of wisdom rather than physical decrepitude. My goal for 2017 is to maintain (relatively) effortless movement so I can continue to behave as though I’m still 25… and feel like I am in this picture of me when I am 6 yrs old (I am the one in the “suspenders’).




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