Look who loves Pilates at Pilates Manitoba…awww, shucks! Thanks!

Thanks for saying such nice things about our studio and the Pilates community we have created with all of our wonderful clients. We are grateful for your trust and receptivity to STOTT Pilates at Pilates Manitoba!
I love Pilates Manitoba! I have been going to Pilates for 7 months, and I can’t say enough about it. I noticed that in the winter I was starting to walk like a little old lady, which I’m not, this winter I surprised myself by no longer doing this. I now walk with confidence through snow, and ice. I have noticed a positive change in my body. This is all thanks to Pilates Manitoba, and their fantastic group of trainers!
                                                                                 Liz, Winnipeg
 Pilates has totally changed me! I feel so much stronger and somehow more square on my feet if that makes any sense. My posture has changed and I am getting rid of headaches from that change. Instructors are so careful and encouraging. Thank you Pilates Manitoba!!
                                                                                 Susannah, Winnipeg
I know that without Pilates I would be barely able to move by now. I have had no sciatica since starting. My sides don’t hurt. When I get aches and pains they disappear much sooner. Classes are wonderful. They adapt to your every need and you never feel like like you don’t belong. I can move because of you!
                                                                                  Paula, Winnipeg
I love everyone that works at Pilates Manitoba, as they are a very inspirational group of people, who offer the best possible instruction.
                                                                                 Sandra, Winnipeg

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