Lu’s Inspirational story about what MELT and Pilates can do!

My inspirational client..Luann. She has MS. For about 20 years. We have been working together for about one year. Since last June, she has been doing the MELT balls every morning. We have been doing MELT roller work & MELT neuro-strength work together 2X per week or so along with micro Pilates, June – Nov 2016 then April till now this year. Since we amped up the neuro-strength roller work, she has dramatically improved. Lu gave me permission to write this post. I am so lucky that I work with people where we sign off with “love” to each other!

May 24, 2017: ” My butt was so sore last night. But its a little better today! My core is sore right under my lower ribs! ”

May 25, 2017: “Morning! I feel great today. I was a little sore last night; just sort of felt like I’d really worked out. I feel like this is really working!!! I feel like my walking has improved also! Have a great weekend” Love Lu.

May 31, 2017: “Hi. Just thought I should drop you a note, and tell you all about yesterday! First of all, I was really tired after yesterdays session. I had a doctors appointment at 2:45. By that time, I could barely walk and I was totally weepy; in fact the nurse from the doctors office said something about how slow I was walking and I burst in to tears (which was totally embarrassing). We spent s quite evening downstairs in front of the fire. By the time we went to bed, in the middle of the night, I could walk better than I have walked in months!!!!!!!!! And I feel fine today also! Love Lu.

June 4, 2017: “Yes. I will be there, (in studio) at 1245. I’m so excited about what MELT is doing for me, that I will take any little bit of it that I can get!!” Love Lu

On June 8, she told me with tears in her eyes that her body sent her a message that she was going to walk like she used to. She said she could not explain it but that she would walk again.She could “see” it and “feel” it (hooray for hydrated proprioceptors!). We both cried.

June 13: ” My right hip is FAR LOOSER, its great!! For the first time in for ever I woke up with no pain in my hips!! I usually have severe pain in my hip area! And my right leg is way easier to lift!! Thanks!!! Let’s do what ever we did yesterday next week OK? See you Love Lu

I was curious and added up what she has spent so far for a year. It is the cost of only 3 months of the major MS drug used. She is not on drugs, not in pain and is actually changing her body for the better. And she owns it in her body. I am excited for her and others…there is hope. Lu does work hard but she has great drive, energy, intelligence and a wicked sense of humour. We believe there is a self-care and self-management benefit over traditional methods to talk about, and now also, an economic benefit.

June 14: “The money amount is nothing compared to taking all sorts of drugs that do nothing but screw up your system and then you are also on the hook for taking these “drugs” for the rest of your life. And then drugs lose their effectiveness over time. Pilates changes the way you do things…………..whether that be sitting, standing, or walking! It changes your life!!! And only for the better! Love Lu

Thank you, Lu for your hard work and inspiration. I love working with you! I am so grateful for you.

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