Happiness Workshop

Did you know that how successful you are in life is directly related to how happy you are? And how happy you are right now is partly due to biology, activity and the stuff that is happening in your life? What if there was a recipe for shifting your happiness levels, helping you create immediate results?
Happiness: The Key Ingredient to Life Success
Have you been searching for happiness and coming up short time and again? Are you feeling stressed, burnt-out or overall lacking energy and zest for life?
If this sounds familiar join us for a look at the latest in happiness research. During our time together you will learn:
-about the new science of happiness and how it affects you.
-why happiness is important to success in any area of your life.
-what you can do to up your happiness level to create a life you love.
– how mind-body exercise work connects with your happiness and what you can do about it
This is the first in a series of presentations. Each presentation is independent of the other so you can attend at any time.Each presentation  is $25 total. You can attend one or all. The next presentation is Building Character, Boosting Wellness on Wed Nov 8, 6-7 pm. There is one on Wed Dec 6, 6- 7 pm as well. These all lead to an 8 week Mindfulness Based Character Strengths practice, the first of its kind in Winnipeg,  series starting Jan 2018.
Presented by Susan Kuz, Positivity Practitioner and Coach, Being Pukka

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