MELT Method Mondays – Collagen and Fat Loss

MELT and weight & fat loss…the MELT Method makes your body create its own collagen and elastin and makes your connective tissue act like a sponge and river, sucking collagen and water up into tissues and organs and joints and moving it to needed areas to get unstuck. Collagen is the building block of all tissue inside of you. There is an amino acid in collagen called glycine that appears to help us to turn more of the food we eat into calorie-burning muscles instead of jiggly fat. University of Arkansas testing found that collagen significantly boosted lean muscle and metabolism, even in women over 70 years of age. During a separate study in a private lab, folks who weren’t dieting managed to replace 10 pounds of fat with 6 pounds of lean muscle. So collagen, best known for fighting wrinkles “not only help us lose weight, it also keeps us from getting saggy as we slim down” says nature health expert Kellyann Petrucci, ND. “It even gets rid of cellulite”.

Collagen takes aim at a surprising culprit for sluggish thyroids…a leaky gut.Weakened areas of your digestive tract can allow irritants to escape, triggering massive inflammation, and this can be the root cause of most thyroid dysfunction, among other ill effects. Our intestinal walls are built of collagen and amino acids in collagen “seal” the leaks. As inflammation is reduced, thyroids and metabolism pick up and so does your mood.

Pilates Manitoba is the exclusive home of MELT Method Winnipeg, Winnipeg’s only 5 level trained facility. We teach MELT Hand & Foot, MELT Length 1 & 2 on the roller, MELT for Pilates & Yoga, and MELT Neuro-strength and MELT Performance.

MELT is “medicine”. Pilates is “medicine”. We are your natural “pharmacy” that uses your body to feel & sense the physical expression of the release of toxins and clear and protect the body for all natural, long- lasting healing.

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