OPEN HOUSE Thurs Jan 25, 2018 5-7 pm

As Winnipeg’s first and only Pilates & Fascial Specialty Training Centre, you will notice the difference from other facilities and then feel the difference in yourself. Not only are we the Pilates experts for 15 years now, we can help you take your fitness to the future…fascial and connective tissue toning and training as well as Pilates. Fascia is the future of both the fitness world and the neuroscience world. Fascia connects YOU to YOU inside YOU so every function is driven and regulated by it and your proprioceptors reside in that tissue. And, you can tone and train it on a daily basis to keep it moist and stretchy so you move with no pain, stiffness, soreness or mood irregularities. Our trained experts include: two Massage Therapists who are also trained in Pilates and Osteopathy school;  Physiotherapists trained in traditional physiotherapy, acupuncture,  Inter-Muscular Stimulation (IMS) and Pilates. You can book private appointments or group classes. Sign up for Clinical Pilates classes, led by a licensed PT,  9 – 9:45 am every Mon and Wed morn, that may be recoverable by your insurance so check with your insurance carrier.  Space is limited there – only 6 people max in each class. We brought the newest & latest fascial training work to Winnipeg from the Montreal School of Osteopathy, New York and California. We have Winnipeg’s only Foundation Training instructor, who is also trained in Functional Movement Screening. We have Winnipeg’s only two MELT Method Length & Neuro-Strength Instructors.We have Winnipeg’s only two ELDOA Method trained instructors. We have an instructor trained to work with disabilities, in yoga and Pilates, as well as Body Talk and Reiki. Come Thurs Jan 25 for free Foundation Training demos, MELT Method demos, ELDOA demos…space is limited so sign up now! Call the studio 204.487.2287 or text 204.999.9984 or email us info@pilatesmanitoba or message us back to save a spot! Bring a friend. No previous experience required.  We never have enrolment or membership fees so there will be sign-up specials for you that night. We have BeBrazil clothing from Brazil as well as jewelry, socks and MELT Method rollers and kits for sale.

Save me a demo spot! I wanna try this awesome new fitness





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