FOUNDATION TRAINING Classes and Private Lessons

What is Foundation Training? It’s a method of exercises that will help reset less than optimal posture patterns. Who needs this work? Broadly speaking, if you have a spine, than you can do this work. Specifically if you have, or have had low back pain episodes, than this method is really for you. It’s not meant to replace your other activities. It will enhance your foundation and make your other activities even better. Hence, the name, Foundation Training. Foundation Training is a set of powerful and intentional poses set to conscious breathing. The exercises activate your posterior fascial chain, and done over time, diminish pain and build resistance to injury.  Benefits: Holistic in nature, considers the body as a whole, not in compartments; it is simple, easy and fun!  No fancy equipment needed. It’s you and a few minutes of your day doing bodyweight exercises. Universal..For the young or old, with mobility limitations or an active athlete. It’s effective…targets the root cause of pain, not just symptoms. Eva Quan is STOTT Pilates trained and Winnipeg’s only Foundation Training Instructor. We never have enrollment or membership fees so drop-in to a class or use your flex-class pass to try a FT class!

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