My Journey into Self Care, or, How I became a MELT Method Instructor by the awesome Ruth Baines

I’m no longer a spring chicken. In my 50 plus years of life I’ve fallen lots of times: sometimes on the ice, sometimes off a bike, sometimes off a horse and few times out of a tree. I’ve had a few fender benders. In other words I’ve had a full life with bumps along the way. Until I tried The MELT Method I thought that daily aches and pains were normal and that waking up stiff was an unfortunate part of life. Then a few years ago I went to a MELT method hand and foot workshop. I discovered that with a couple of small balls and ten minutes a day I didn’t have to wake up achy. It took me about 10 months of practice to make it a daily practice. New habits take time to embrace fully. To deepen my own understanding I went to Chicago December 2015 and got certified as a MELT method hand and foot instructor.

It was around this time that I was introduced to the work with the soft MELT roller. The ball work allows me to do a global reset of my connective tissue and have everything glide against each other more smoothly. The roller work allows me to more specifically target areas of stuck stress in my system. I wanted to share the beauty of MELT with the people that I already taught Pilates to so in July 2016 I went to Red Mountain in Utah to certify as a level 1 MELT roller instructor. I had a great time there exploring the mountains and my own anatomy. I learned specific roller placement and how to trouble shoot difficulties that anyone might have with this work. In my teaching since then I’ve enjoyed helping people learn how to eliminate stuck stress in their bodies with both the MELT Balls and soft MELT Roller educing their every day pain.

In August of 2017 I decided that my body and bodies of many of my clients were ready to dig deeper into the world of the MELT method so I registered for the pre-training of the level 2 MELT roller instructor training.

Every single one of these courses has pre-training online. Both the level 1 and 2 had an 8-week pre-training. The level 2 training was in Portland at the end of October. If you’ve never been to Portland in the fall you should go. The colour of the leaves is remarkable and the weather is gentler than in Winnipeg. And if you love fresh produce and seafood it’s a great place to go. The other great thing about going to Portland was reconnecting with Sue Hitzmann (founder of The MELT Method) and her master trainers. I always feel blessed when I’m in training with those smart supportive women.

The difference between level 1 and 2, is that level 2 is a bit more athletic and also has trickier roller placements for some of the areas of the body that we glide, shear and rinse. What is glide, shear and rinse? They’re moves that we do in MELT whether it’s with the soft roller or small balls to hydrate the connective tissue and eliminate stuck stress. I find now that I’m doing the level 2 moves on my body along with my hand and foot practice I’ve almost eliminated the stuck stress in my left should due to breaking my collar bone as a teenager. That has been there a long time and I thought by the time I’m eighty it would cause me to have a hump on my back. With MELT that’s not going to happen.

So even if you’ve never fallen off a horse, you’ve probably fallen on the ice and I know The MELT Method would help you eliminate the daily accumulation of stuck stress in your body, lower your everyday aches. Come see me at Pilates Manitoba and we can work together to age gracefully with less pain.Call 204.487.2287 or email

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 P.S Ruth is also the most veteran and experienced Pilates instructors in the province. There is no core or issue she can not address!










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