Feel good Fascia Friday story

Fascia Fridays…Fascia is not just for movement anymore…it is nature’s solution to all processes since it is “fluid” filled. That feel good vibe is in your connective tissue! To quote Gil Hedley, Integral Anatomy “The texture of the connective tissue “fuzz” reveals the qualities and character of the relationship in the body. Relationships can be soft, fluid, easy, playful, moving. And,once easy relationships can become tense, stuck, unyielding, fractured. The connective tissue fuzz is the universal path of “force transmission”. Use the force!” So when 32 year old, uber stressed and unhappy member L.S (from whom I permission to share this story) started MELTing with us using the MELT Method, after one lesson she felt ease and slept well and her boyfriend said she looked much calmer. Then in a few days this is the text I got…”I am sleeping all night. Thank you for all that you are doing to help me”, to which I responded “my pleasure but remember it is your body’s own brilliance that is responding.It is brilliant. Your restore regulators in your nervous system are getting nourished and clarity, and clarity is power”. She also sent me the picture of the delicious dinner she had made. Then a few days later… “My boyfriend says I am very different. That he thinks I let go of the stress from work.That I am more relaxed. I think my days are brighter! Now, for 10 mins a day she can keep this fluid state nourished, hydrated and happy. To finish with Gil Hedley, Integral Anatomy “If it is the truth you want, believe the unity not the models. Is there a connection? ALWAYS. YES. Explore connection”.


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