MELT Method Mondays

MELT Mondays…Join Rose Hull 10 am every Monday for Intro to MELT Method Hand & Foot & Face (yes, your face to get rid of wrinkles!). Your first new class is free. Also Wed 1 pm for 30 minutes only for those of you who want Express MELT. If you have already been MELTing with balls and are ready for a new MELT sequence or Map or want to know how to use more of the balls and the band in your kit…this is why Rose created this program. Call her 204.487.2287 or sign up online or

Never heard of MELT? Want to check it out and find out? Own the ball kits but want to use them more?

MELT is the ONLY connective tissue method and fascial method scientifically shown to create your own collagen and elastin.  We are Winnipeg’s fascia experts and the first and only Fascial training centre…the only five level, MELT neuro-strength and MELT Performance, as well as MELT Length and MELT Hand,Foot & Face. Find out about the new living-body model of fitness, your fascia and what it does for you and why you want to incorporate this new info into your lifestyle, as well as trust your body’s senses again!



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