intenSATI practice for November 2020

Welcome to your November intenSati series!

I am teaching intenSATI every Tuesday 6-7 pm in-person at my Roblin location inside the The Yoga Barre and on ZOOM every Thursday 11 am.

“Inten” is from intention and “sati” is the Pali word for mindfulness.It is a fun movement class, using some cardio, yoga, stretches and meditation, all with affirmations and fun music. You can even do it sitting in a chair.

This month’s series is about using the power of our thoughts and words to shape the life we want to live by flipping the script from fear to faith, from whining to wisdom, from worry to wisdom. I think the word “faith” can be a trigger word, as can the word “spiritual”, so you are welcome to add religious values to those meanings if it serves you. Faith is meant here as trusting your deepest connection to yourself and faith about the goodness of our world, about it all working out, not by chance but by choice!

Tony Robbins says, “it’s not your capacity, but your state, that determines your success” and it’s the reminder that the future we are imagining is giving us our state today. So, if we want a more prosperous, confident, alive state, we must first examine the language we are using in both our thoughts and our words.

Language shapes our life and we want to learn to flip the script from fear to faith. And that starts by choosing faith, affirming faith and taking actions from a faith-inspired state.

In this month’s intenSati, you’ll find a fun, cardio series that will help you reframe your challenges so that you can move from fear to faith. You’ll also find some challenging add-on’s to take your class to the next level, allowing you to find your edge. Additionally, there’s a lower body stretching sequence and closing meditation that will help seal all of this month’s work in.

Let’s exercise our power this month to choose what we think, say and do so that we can align with our purpose and passion. Join me to dance your crazies out and feel your happy inside! Text to register 204.999.9984.

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