Lockdown Starts Nov. 12, 2020

Well, I guess no one is surprised that we are being locked down for a second time and we are all ready to do our part.
All in-person classes and appointments, except for the private appointments with the Physios (Physio can continue) will cease until further notice by the Provincial government starting tomorrow, Thursday November 12th.

Thankfully, our Zoom classes will give you an opportunity to continue with your Pilates practice from home in the meantime. If you do not own a Zoom pass at the moment, they are available in 5-packs ($78.75 GST incl) or in 10-packs ($157.50 GST incl)

If you do not see the class you want at a time you want, email me back and we will set something up to match your needs and goals. If you want to try a new class and need the props, let us know and we will get the prop to you, curbside delivery i.e MELT rollers, stability balls, flexbands

As well, we are renting out the Stability chairs and we are also selling the Tower Trainers we have left and there are Zoom classes for those too. It is going to be a long winter!

If you are not already on zoom, it is a free download on the device you want to use and I prefer laptop or tablet. Then, make sure you sign up in the class you want at least 30 min before class so the instructor sees your email to send the Zoom link to. When the email comes, make sure you click on it and follow the easy instructions it prompts. Make sure your video is on and that is an easy prompt too.

Your current in-person class pass will not expire so you can resume your classes once we re-open. Thanks for your understanding.

Take care. Be well.

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