INTRO to MELT VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS Jan 14 and 19 for a great start to 2021

While many people stretch their muscles frequently, they are unaware of the benefits of stretching their body’s connective tissue or how to do it properly. There is increasing information and understanding about the importance of tending to this part of our bodies called fascia, especially as we age, to keep us moving and sore free. Fascia stretching is often credited as the most effective bodywork one can do, as it enables the development of deep foundational strength, promotes increased circulation, and lubricates and hydrates of the entire body. So, if you want to wake up every day feeling vibrant and ready to meet the physical demands of the day, learn how to properly care for and maintain your fascia. With the right expert advice and proper techniques, anyone, regardless of fitness experience or ability, can get their connective tissue into top shape and be stronger and free from aches and pain in just a few weeks. For those of you who meditate, do yoga or do Pilates slow and meditatively (me! me!), fascia is the organ of BEING not doing, and thus, MELTing brings you truly to your present moment, your conscious breath…the most important and powerful present moment we have!

With this highly beneficial MELT program, you’ll be guided, step by step, through a fascia stretching program that will strengthen your connective tissue, dramatically boost your physical endurance, and free your body of nagging aches and pains. MELT is specifically designed to benefit people at all physical health levels, so whether you are a performance athlete or someone who just wants to feel better, this class can accommodate your body’s needs. You will learn three to four fascia stretches for each area of the body each class. You will also be provided with detailed instructions on exactly how to safely execute a fascia stretch with easy-to-follow cues and modification options. You will have all you need to continue to care for your fascia, feel great, and move with more fluidity and ease.

What is included in our MELT classes:

  • fascia stretching with 3-4 stretches tailored to each area of the body.
  • Guidance on how to achieve a strong body foundation as a framework for the stretches.
  • Gentle cues designed to introduce deep, full-body awareness and presence during each lesson.
  • Modifications to accommodate every fitness ability.
  • ongoing education on how fascia stretching benefits each specific area of the body, with explanations on the difference between fascia stretching and traditional stretching.
  • A fascia journal to help you keep track of the most beneficial body stretches you’re learning along the way.
  • Lots of encouraging support, motivation, and useful daily tips as you practice this highly beneficial new bodywork regime.

Who should take MELT?

  • Anyone who is tired of feeling achy and stiff and wants to feel more energetic and physically better.
  • Beginners looking for clear and simple guidance on how to create a highly effective new bodywork practice that will strengthen and protect their connective tissue and well-being for many years to come.
  • Athletes wishing to ensure their body is reaching its full physical potential.
  • Individuals struggling with pain from scar tissue or congested connective tissue.
  • Those seeking to proactively protect their body’s fascia from aging.
  • Everyone who is interested in transforming and strengthening their body.

 Equipment you’ll need:

  • Mat or padded area
  • Pillow or blanket
  • Chair
  • Wall
  • MELT Roller or Half Roller
  • if using a regular harder roller, add a towel on top or use a rolled up yoga mat with extra towel padding but please note that we can not guarantee results if not using the MELT equipment.
  • the MELT ball kit or a squash ball. Please note that we can not guarantee results if not using the MELT equipment.

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