Physio Pilates available under Code Red

Zoom is an excellent way to keep in shape while we are in lockdown. Zoom classes will continue but won’t it be great to have the studios re-open?

There are five Pilates Reformers, Pilates Cadillac Towers and Pilates Stability Chairs at each location, 836A Corydon and 202-6640 Roblin Blvd, so as we prepare to get ready to re-open, please make sure to email now with the spots you want.  Get the time you want, the instructor you want and the location you want.

Physiotherapy & Physio Pilates are still open during Code Red. You can start your Pilates or continue your Pilates 1-1 with our physio. Covered under most insurance plans and check with your insurance carrier. Please book your appointments with us 204.999.9984 text or 204.487.2287 studio phone. Email is:

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