Alliance for Pilates in Healthcare

Pilates is practiced world wide and has gained popularity in recent years, spurred in part by growing evidence for its health benefits. Hundreds of studies have suggested that Pilates breathing techniques may benefit people with a wide range of medical conditions, including COPD and for post -COVID pulmonary support.
Pilates combines sequences of slow, flowing upper- and lower-body movements with breath awareness and a variety of thinking skills that include focused attention and imagery. It’s highly adaptable and therefore ideal for people with different fitness levels. You can do Pilates on a Reformer, a special Stability Chair or while sitting in a sturdy chair, on your bed or the floor. For example, you can extend your legs, move them from side to side, or lift them, even when you’re sitting. The Reformer does help support the limbs so you can focus on your core without hurting your back and neck. As well, the Reformer is a special raised mat so you do not have to worry about getting up and down off the floor.

Studies suggest that Pilates can help people boost their ability to walk and do other types of exercise, as well as improve their quality of life. The benefits are thought to arise from the combination of movement, breathing, and relaxation.
The movements safely and gradually strengthen the heart and major muscle groups. The deep breathing exercises enhance oxygen uptake, which can ease breathlessness. Finally, the meditative aspect of the practice helps lower stress.
Hour-long classes cost $15 for ZOOM , $18 for in-person and  $21 for a drop-in. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and footwear is not required. Check our schedule for what works for your life and contact us. Free Virtual and in-person consultations are available by texting us at 204.999.9984 to create a health care plan that includes Pilates. Pilates is considered an umbrella treatment under Physiotherapy so book with the physio to recover it under insurance.

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