Pilates is power. Be inspired. Feel Great. Look good. Enjoy. The power of awareness will give you access to your power

Thurs Dec 9 is Joseph Pilates 138th Birthday (1883-1967)

We celebrate you, Pilates Passionistas, as much as we do JP and his brilliant work.

Without formal “anatomical” or “clinical” training (it did not exist) he FEELS his way through the  pressure and tension regulating mechanisms of the autonomic nervous system, actively involving you in your own treatment that rivals and/or surpasses manual therapies today.

Today, as we face health economics and health equity considerations more than ever, embrace Pilates and join our movement to give Pilates its rightful, evidence-based place in healthcare, physiotherapy, and fitness.

In honour of Joseph Pilates’ 138th Birthday, our Beginner Pilates 10 flex-class pass is $138 + GST for all brand new people wanting to try Pilates for the first time and to get moving again. This deal is good only for the following in-person classes listed below and for brand new people. Makes a great gift for the holidays and New Year’s Resolutions.

Mondays 9:30 am @ CorydonTuesday 9 am @ RoblinTuesday @ 11:30 @ CorydonWed @ 9:15 am @ CorydonThursdays 9:30 am @ RoblinSaturdays 10:00 am @Corydon

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