Two locations for you

We are fortunate to have 2 locations to keep Winnipeg in stretchy Pilates goodness.

Our one location is inside The Yoga Barre on Roblin

To celebrate Joseph Pilates’ 138th Birthday, join us at the Open House we are sharing with The Yoga Barre, Friday Dec 10 4:30-9:30 pm

Lots of demo classes to try! If you have not been to the beautiful Yoga Barre make sure to check out this awesome place, and their amazing classes and instructors. We will be offering free demos on the Reformers too and signing people up for the Winter Session with our awesome Joseph Pilates’ Birthday Special!

4:00 – Mini Barre in Barre Room
4:30 – Yoga Foundations in the Yoga Room
5:00 – ELDOA with Pilates MB in the Barre room
5:15- Yin Yoga
5:30 – Spin Lite in Spin Room5:45 – Belly Dancing in Barre Room
6:00 – MELT with Pilates MB in the Yoga Room
6:30 – TYB FIT in the Barre Room
7:00 – intenSati with Pilates MB in the Yoga Room
7:15 – Mama Fit Class in Barre Room7:45 – Trauma Informed fitness with Pilates MB class in the Yoga Room
7:45 – Spin 30 class in the Spin Room
8:15 – Mini Barre in Barre Room
8:30 – Candle Light Yoga Flow in Yoga Room
9:00 – Meditation and Reiki in Barre Room
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