Social Prescribing Week March 4-11 and Social Prescribing Day March 10

Integrative Medicine and Healthcare
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For all those interested or curious about complementary or lifestyle medicine  and as part of our ongoing programme to explore prospects for improved healthcare, please see the variety of online courses and resources. This section is about Integrative and Collaborative Medical initiatives world wide.
We’re on a mission to redefine medicine, you’re a key part of that – and you’re in good company! Together, we’re helping reform healthcare, address inequalities and create a sustainable health service. This is a growing movement of like-minded individuals around the world, being led by Britain mostly.

Social Prescribing Week March 4 – 11
Social Prescribing Day March 10…an annual, international European conference on social prescription nationally and internationally…an opportunity to find out about everything that is going on in social prescribing and how it is developing at all levels and in different parts of the world.

What is Social Prescribing? It is a term and movement pioneered in Britain. Here in Canada, you would refer to it as “Community Based” programming.

Chronic health conditions – from diabetes, asthma, anxiety, depression to name a few — can impact just about every area of your life. In addition to causing physical and mental symptoms, they can sometimes make it hard to leave the house, spend time with loved ones, or even work.

These extended effects only underscore the importance of addressing mental and physical health concerns in a holistic way. In other words, it’s essential to focus on taking care of the whole person, not just a set of symptoms.

Social Prescribing aims to do just that by connecting people with chronic conditions to different types of community support, including social events, fitness classes, and social services.

Trained professionals, often called “link workers” in the U.K or “community connections”, work with healthcare providers to offer referrals to these types of support.

It’s a concept that’s existed for a while in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, but it’s starting to gain traction in Canada and the U.S, too. We are training in it with the National Centre for Integrative Medicine in the U.K. so this is a shout to any medical doctor or nurse practitioner looking for the cooperative and collaborative clinical approach that aligns with your lifestyle medicine beliefs that you now want to make a reality in practice…contact us!