Spring Program to make you the pain-free Unicorn you want to be

Does it hurt to turn your head to see cars in the lane behind you? Do your knees and back feel stiff and achy? Is it difficult to reach the cereal on the top shelf or bend down to pick up something off the floor?
Would you like to find an easy way to become more flexible, ease pain, improve your balance, and prevent falls that can threaten your independence?

Discover simple fascial stretches that improve balance, increase flexibility, and ease pain and then hop on the Reformer to train the deep base stabilization muscles to keep the balance and flexibility. We will work with you on any existing stretches and exercises, physio or otherwise, that you have and make them work better.

Our Spring Fascial Stretch programs teach:

  • How a tight ankle or calf muscle can make you more likely to fall
  • The secret to making arthritic joints more flexible
  • 4 ways to make stretching easier
  • The trick to being flexible enough to touch your toes
  • The best stretches to do to increase your range of motion
  • 2 muscles that can give you a pain in the back, and how you can get relief
  • And so much more

You’ll learn how stretching and flexibility can help you improve your balance and prevent falls, all customized to your ability. You’ll find moves to boost overall flexibility and loosen up tight muscles, plus specific stretches to ease back pain, sore knees, and the neck and shoulder pain that comes from spending too much time sitting at a desk staring at a computer! These stretches will also warm you up before your workout, and are best for a variety of sports, like golf, tennis, cycling, walking, swimming, and more.