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Happy International Pilates Day

Happy International Pilates Day! Pilates saved my life. We have been told so many times about its many exercise benefits.Did you know that Pilates is so powerful a technique that Pilates is an umbrella treatment under Physiotherapy in today’s current medical and insurance model. Pilates is the first Physiotherapy!

But, I was unemployed with no benefits and no extra money to go to any therapist of any kind when my husband died leaving me with a 2 year old son and pregnant with our second son (whom he never met). I needed more than stretching and calming. I needed reconnection and rebalance with my nervous systems (yes, you have two “different operational” ones). From my traumatic experience, stress makes our joints go slack. Stressful thoughts and feelings pulls the water out of our cells and organs. Stress makes us destabilize to the left side only (spiral line). If you feel tight or “stronger” on your right side it is only because it is trying to pull you back into alignment when you spiral to the left.

When I was grieving and living like the walking dead, I felt my joints stay slack and ache and hurt constantly, thus, no true inner stability and metaphorically, no standing tall, no getting up off my knees and no moving forward. My inside head, the surface of my brain, itched. I could not breath. I could not see straight. The tightness in my chest would not go away. This was more than just grief. I know now that it was my fascia stiffening, my brainstem and cells dehydrating and my nervous system not able to find clear consistent signals to my centre of gravity and joints, like a GPS. But back then, yoga and stretching was just making my joints more overstretched and there was no corresponding rebalance or reconnection because the neuro-muscular-skeletal re-patterning piece was missing. So, I started Pilates on my living room floor at 2 am when I could not sleep. The 100 kick-started my diaphragm. I taught myself some Pilates at home because it also made me think and feel and sense. It was active cognitive behaviour therapy in my body. I got stronger, physically and figuratively.

Pilates originally called his work Contrology and developed not just physiotherapy and manual therapy but a powerful ideology with pressurization of the joints system which is the key to all health…pressure..constantly adjusting, rebalancing and recalibrating pressure through the neuro-fascial system.

Thanks to Joseph Pilates for his everlasting gift. He was an innovator, inspiration and early influencer of integrative health that also has so many health economics efficiencies, especially in these challenging times. Be your own best therapist and return to trusting your own body!

By Annabel Scott, Owner of Pilates Manitoba Inc

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Virtual Classes and Free Resources

Virtual Classes to Stay Connected!

Thank you for your ongoing love and support of your Pilates community! We’re excited to announce a lineup of classes with some of your favourite instructors streaming live on our virtual platform using MINDBODY/ZOOM.  Simply sign in using MINDBODY and join us as we celebrate our health and keep our sanity.

5 classes @ $50
1 class @  $10

 We are happy & honoured to continue to provide you with Pilates, MELT (cellular hydration and connective tissue fluidity), ELDOA (deep spinal stretching), FELDENKRAIS (somatic exercises for nervous system repair and core remodelling) and Rehab Pilates (for injuries, special & adaptive populations) that you know and love, albeit online. However, we are also working to ensure that our studio doors can re-open in the future. If you feel inclined to help us cover our fixed costs such as rent, and support your instructors through this time, you may choose to use up your existing class pass or buy any of our regular class packages at full price.

Please also enjoy any of the special deals we are offering and we encourage you to try a new kind of class.

 Please enjoy our free resources & classes on FB Live and  IGTV

Please make sure you LIKE the Pilates Manitoba FB page as well as ELDOA Winnipeg, Pilates Manitoba – Plus Size, and MELT Method Winnipeg pages

Also, please call or text anytime and we can Skype or Face Time for personal connection to answer any questions or review anything you have about your home practice. With all the uncertainty and for many of us, stress and anxiety, it is even more important to engage in activities that help us stay grounded, centred, breathing fully and resilient.

Our Virtual Schedule

Our schedule will be released in 2 week increments to allow us to collect feedback, troubleshoot any challenges and adjust accordingly with the needs of our Pilates Manitoba community. Please bear with us as we sort through the twists & turns of technology (confession time: I am truly a Luddite with a steep learning curve).

Unfortunately, not all instructors will be able to do virtual classes.

How to Access Livestream & Virtual Studio Class

Simply sign in using MINDBODY and schedule your classes as normal!
You’re in!  You will receive another email with a ZOOM link to join class virtually 30-60 minutes before your class. Or, let us know which classes you want and we can save you a spot

Please be sure to read the instructions you receive from both us and ZOOM to ensure you are prepared before your class starts, such as grabbing your mat, towel, water to sip, roller and any balls or other small props such as flexbands.

To ensure the most optimal live-streaming experience, you will need to download the ZOOM software before your first class. ZOOM is free and you can download it onto any device.  

*IMPORTANT*  Please ensure that the email on your Mindbody account is current and that you have selected to receive emails from us.  All communication regarding classes and Zoom links will be sent via email.  If you do not receive an email from Zoom after booking your class, please email us at

Not a current Pilates Manitoba member?

You can create a new account here and purchase any class or package.  You’re all set!

Have a question? Contact Your instructors at Pilates Manitoba, ELDOA Winnipeg and MELT Method at Pilates Manitoba are here and standing by your side every step of the way!

Practice Physical Distancing not Social Distancing

Our physical classes and lessons have stopped but not our community connections and love. We will have classes and lessons on Facebook so make sure to LIKE Pilates Manitoba and its other pages Pilates Manitoba-Plus Size, ELDOA Winnipeg and MELT Method Winnipeg.We will have classes on Zoom (check the schedule and they will be marked) or Facetime so please connect with us so we can get those set up for you.

TEXT 204.999.9984

CALL 204.487.2287


And, please use this time to reflect, write, walk, & talk more with those you love or love the ones you’re with! And, we encourage you to try something new like an ELDOA class or MELT class or another instructor. We have kept the reservation system operational for resumption of classes as of Mon April 6 and can change that accordingly.

Mostly we send deepest gratitude to you all and our wonderful doctors, nurses, health care workers of many sorts, and our government leaders and civil servants who are working tirelessly for us all. We will not just get through this but will be even better, wiser, kinder, safer, and more grateful than before.

Imbalance in the Body

New York City-based trainer Tatiana Lampa, NASM, is a different kind of fitness expert. As a certified corrective exercise specialist, she prides herself on helping clients train with injury prevention at front of mind. And, a lot of times, she says that means identifying any muscle imbalance in the body that come along as her trainees get stronger and stronger. Then, making a plan of action for restoring balance.

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