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Mask Policy March 15-31, 2022

After a brief client survey, instructor, and physiotherapy consultations, we are requiring the continued use of masks in the studios. We are not classified as a gym. We are working in the medical model. We have many immuno-compromised clients and some instructors as well. We think it is prudent to wait and see what happens as masks start to be removed. We will re-evaluate after March 31. Thanks to those of you who texted/called/emailed your input. Thanks to the team of instructors for their ongoing support, advice, caring, dedication, and excellent educating and instructing. #pilates #marchmatness22 #pilatesmanitoba #theyogabarre

Mind- Body Medicine

Excerpt from James Gordon, MD, at the Feb 17-19, 2022 Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York City. Gordon, who is founder and executive director of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington D.C., defines mind-body medicine as grounded in the scientific understanding of the complete interpenetration of mind and body. It incorporates tools and techniques of self-care.

“We are a human community and a community of healers,” said Gordon, “… this is also an invitation to find out more about this community of healers…you can integrate this work into your practice as it suits you, and as it moves you, and reach out to the larger community”.
Mind-body medicine enables us to enter the constant communication that is going on among all our organs and to affect in a positive way every aspect of our physical and psychological functioning.
The other part of mind-body medicine, since there is omnidirectional communication between the organs and cells in our body, is that it is possible to enter the conversation that is going on in a powerful and therapeutic way with biological measures, thoughts and feelings, the way we relate to people.
Self-care is critical to this work, Dr. Gordon said. There is a shift from a system that is dominated by professionals and that relies on almost exclusively on professionals telling people what to do and doing it for them, to a system where self-care is crucial. It challenges everything from the power structure in medicine to the therapeutics that are used to the economic structure.

Social Prescribing Week March 4-11 and Social Prescribing Day March 10

Integrative Medicine and Healthcare
Lifestyle Medicine
For all those interested or curious about complementary or lifestyle medicine  and as part of our ongoing programme to explore prospects for improved healthcare, please see the variety of online courses and resources. This section is about Integrative and Collaborative Medical initiatives world wide.
We’re on a mission to redefine medicine, you’re a key part of that – and you’re in good company! Together, we’re helping reform healthcare, address inequalities and create a sustainable health service. This is a growing movement of like-minded individuals around the world, being led by Britain mostly.

Social Prescribing Week March 4 – 11
Social Prescribing Day March 10…an annual, international European conference on social prescription nationally and internationally…an opportunity to find out about everything that is going on in social prescribing and how it is developing at all levels and in different parts of the world.

What is Social Prescribing? It is a term and movement pioneered in Britain. Here in Canada, you would refer to it as “Community Based” programming.

Chronic health conditions – from diabetes, asthma, anxiety, depression to name a few — can impact just about every area of your life. In addition to causing physical and mental symptoms, they can sometimes make it hard to leave the house, spend time with loved ones, or even work.

These extended effects only underscore the importance of addressing mental and physical health concerns in a holistic way. In other words, it’s essential to focus on taking care of the whole person, not just a set of symptoms.

Social Prescribing aims to do just that by connecting people with chronic conditions to different types of community support, including social events, fitness classes, and social services.

Trained professionals, often called “link workers” in the U.K or “community connections”, work with healthcare providers to offer referrals to these types of support.

It’s a concept that’s existed for a while in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, but it’s starting to gain traction in Canada and the U.S, too. We are training in it with the National Centre for Integrative Medicine in the U.K. so this is a shout to any medical doctor or nurse practitioner looking for the cooperative and collaborative clinical approach that aligns with your lifestyle medicine beliefs that you now want to make a reality in practice…contact us!

Fascial Integration Therapy

To find the missing link to your health and wellness. Explore our fascial hydration therapy options, available in private training or group class settings. This work can integrate with your medical doctor or secondary care practitioner. Our specialty work aligns best with those who philosophically align with the belief in the innate healing of a whole person/whole systems body. Tap into the power of your fascia and autonomic nervous system.

If you can’t fit in the full Upper Body Compression Sequence, the most important work to do is the Upper Back Glide, Rinse, and Shear. Then add the other compression moves (Inner and Outer Shoulder Blade, Side Rib, Arm, and Chest) as much as time allows to make greater, more lasting changes.

March MATness

Pilates is power. Be inspired. Feel Great. Look good. Enjoy.The power of awareness will give you access to your power!
Welcome to March MATness, an annual celebration of the traditional floor-based Pilates poses. For those of you new to the world of Pilates, Mat Pilates is just 30% of it… we still do Reformer Pilates and all Apparatus Pilates. Mat Pilates is delicious so Join us! What’s your favourite move? Why not learn both?

Three Pilates Moves for Better Spine Health

Spinal instability can contribute to low back pain, but the “big three” Pilates exercises can help. A strong core can stabilize your spine to help keep your lower back healthy and pain-free. The muscles and ligaments surrounding your spine can weaken with age or from an injury, which can make movements like twisting, stretching, lifting, and bending difficult.

The lower back often has to compensate for this lack of mobility, which places greater stress and burden on its muscles. People with back pain often fear movement, which can make their back stiff and their pain even worse. Yet, a stable spine is also more flexible, so it can support a full range of natural movements and healthier movements reduce pressure on the low back and lower the risk of pain and injury.

Spine stability is achieved with a balanced approach to your entire core musculature. This means you engage all the core muscles at once — from the abdominals to the whole back. This comes in handy when you make movements that require sudden strength and a broad range of motion, like lifting and carrying groceries and placing them on the counter or floor. Spine stability means your entire trunk is working together in rhythm, like a world-class symphony.  

So how do you get a stable spine? Why the Big Three Pilates exercises of course…
The Curl-up, the Side Plank, and the Bridge. These exercises engage all the important muscles needed to improve spine stability.

Start with five repetitions of each of the three exercises. Then do three reps of each, and finish by doing each exercise just once.

The Pilates Curl Up, modifiable with or without the ball
The Bridge
The Side Plank

intenSati classes….move your body with LOVE


Uplifting Exercise
Move with Love

intenSati is a method of movement, mantra and meditation to awaken the mind, body and spirit and train us to be an observer of our thoughts, and choose powerful, positive ones.
This workout pairs cardio moves with high-emotion mantras that will leave you uplifted, connected, and strong.

It does not focus on reps, choreography, weight loss, building muscles, or body image

It focuses on you, your heart centred alignment and making your physiology match your psychology. Move from a heart-centred, aligned place! Movement meditation.

WED 7:45 am (ZOOM Meeting ID: 850 7385 8925Passcode: 644915)

FRI 9:30 am (ZOOM Meeting ID: 813 5168 7641Passcode: 715547 )
The Zoom room opens about 5 min before class so do not worry if it is close to class time!

These classes are on ZOOM and are FREE to any WRHA/Shared Health essential workers, doctor or nurse

Join us for intenSati classes in-person at Whyte Ridge Community Centre
every Wednesday @ 5 – 6 pm
6 week Spring program March 9-April 13
Please drop-in or text me to register 204.999.9984

Fascia February…CELLULITE elimination

A whooping amount of women (and men) deal with cellulite (we’ve seen numbers suggest more than 90%)—but what exactly is it, and how can we get rid of it? Seeing cellulite from a cellular perspective helps explain and separate the treatment hype from things that will actually get you results. (Spoiler Alert: Back of Thigh Shear on the MELT roller is in your future.)

Join our MELT classes so you can release the tension and compression that can contribute to cellulite and that will restore fluid flow to the lower body while it improves the texture of the superficial fascia throughout the legs, and other places you want to flush out your connective tissue.


February is the month to be more Fascia-forward! In February, we’re all a buzz about Fascia!What’s fascia? Fascia is the connective tissue that weaves throughout all the organs, muscles, and bones (highlighted in the picture above) and is a crucial element in maintaining overall health and optimal physical function. Recent research has shed light on the major role of fascia, such as joint motion, injury prevention and healing.Fascia keeps everything in its place and gives shape to our bodies. It is best to compare it to the white part of an orange between the skin and the fruit! Healthy fascia allows your body to move better, slide organs over one another easily, and reduce pain while increasing movement capabilities.Want to learn more about how to keep your fascia hydrated and healthy, and re-set your autonomic nervous system and vagus nerve? Come to our Fascial Release, MELT method, and ELDOA classes on-line or in person at either the CORYDON or ROBLIN locations – easy ways to incorporate fascia work into your weekly workout schedule. It will be your “AH-HA” moment when you realize that the missing link all along has been your fascial hydration!



Pilates is power. Be inspired. Feel Great. Look good. Enjoy.The power of awareness will give you access to your power

We want to show some extra love and support as we continue to negotiate these challenging times.We know how much heart Pilates has and we want to keep spreading the love.

Show yourself, or someone you care about, some LOVE with the following special
at our second location, inside the beautiful Yoga Barre. We have a beautiful partnership. For $170 for 10 classes or $280 for 20 you can enjoy any of the following floor-based group Pilates, Infusion, and Yoga classes at our Roblin location:

Yoga Stretch, Yin, Floor or Foundations with Heather
TRX, Barre & Pilates Infusion with Rebecca
TRX & Pilates with Julie
Plus Size/Intro to Pilates with Julie
Pilates & Fascial Release Infusion with Lisa