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Pilates in Paradise - Feb 2020  Trauma Sensitive Yoga - April 2020 

Pilates in Paradise - Feb 2020 

Pilates In Paradise!

The 3rd Annual Pilates in Paradise Retreat!

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2 - Contact Annabel at Pilates Manitoba for room and flights, 204.487.2287.  Only 5 beds left at a great rate of $137 per night which is an amazing deal for high season Maui!!

STOTT PILATES Bodyweight Training
The MELT Method Hand and Foot
MELT Performance
The GARUDA Method
STOTT PILATES Towel Conditioning Workout
Broadway Barre

Aloha & welcome to Pilates in Paradise! Join us in beautiful Maui at Villas by the Cove.

This retreat is for Pilates & MELT enthusiasts, instructors and therapists who want to learn from world class teachers. We will showcase innovative ways to stay younger, get stronger, be balanced and improve vitality, despite an injury or condition.

Experience new modalities or exercises methods from around the world.
-Learn the best of movement medicine so you can move better, feel stronger and balanced.
-Increase your knowledge and education on clinical conditions and injuries.
-Move with confidence and exercise effectively.
You do so much so take a moment for yourself in Hawaii!

Learn, experience, grow & rejuvenate.


FRIDAY February 14, 2020
- 7:45 am Complimentary Class
Broadway Barre - Monique Lavoie
Bring high energy when you join us for the most fun and dynamic way to sculpt a lean physique! A hybrid of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength-training, choreographed movement patterns set to music. What a way to kick off this weekend
- 9:00 am Workshop 1
Hypopressives, Pelvic Floor and Pilates- Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit
Hypopressive is a breathing technique to activate the involuntary fibers within your pelvic floor. Combined with Pilates, this class take your core strength to the next level.
- 11:00 am Workshop 2
The Garuda Method – Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit
A beautiful blend of yoga, pilates, gyotonics, and Tai Chi to challenge your body, mind and spirit. The Garuda method is a pursuit for a stronger, more flexible, toned body!

SATURDAY, February 15, 2020
- 7:45 am Complimentary Class
- 9:00 am Workshop 1
STOTT PILATES® Twist Ball Workout
-Monique Lavoie
Using a weighted Twist Ball, this class is sure to give you a complete workout. Discover how the Ball can increase the challenge to mastered movements and leave you feeling great afterwards.
- 11:00 am Workshop 2
TBA– Annabel Scott
MELT will nourish your fascia to allow bones and muscles to glide smoothly, with no pain, compression or compensation. Feel lighter with more energy and ease of movement!

SUNDAY, February 16, 2020
- 7:45 am Complimentary Class
Pilates and Garuda on the Beach- Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit
Wake up and warm up your body and spirit on the beach (weather permitting)
- 9:00 am Workshop 1
STOTT PILATES® Conditioning Towel Workout
- Monique Lavoie
Learn how a towel can be used to support and challenge Matwork. Ideal for those who are less flexible. Includes a complimentary workout towel with the exercises printed on the front.
- 11:00 am Workshop 2
MELT Performance– Annabel Scott
The ultimate core workout to build awareness, orientation and timing to your deep internal core on every level... physical, emotional and spiritual.

For more details, please visit the Pilates Kihei website or call the Studio!

Trauma Sensitive Yoga - April 2020 

Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Mindfulness Training Certification with Kellie Dearman
When: April 17, 2020 to April 19, 2020
Time:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 5pm
Where: Pilates Manitoba
Cost: $350
Instructor: Kellie Dearman
How to Register:  Call Pilates Manitoba @ 204-487-2287 or book online

This weekend training is for anyone who works with talk therapy and wants to introduce mindfulness into your practice, such as therapists, mental health practitioners, clinicians, social workers, psychologists. It is also for yoga teachers and Yoga in Schools program. It will give you the knowledge, skills, and practice you need to confidently share trauma sensitive yoga and mindfulness practices with those you serve.

For yoga teachers - learn more about trauma and and how you can make simple adaptions to your offering to make it more accessible to those living with a trauma or stress related disorder.

For therapists, mental health professionals, and trauma caregivers. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to share mindful movement and breath with your clients. Learn a somatic modality that you can use to help clients learn to self-regulate and tolerate present moment experience.

Workshop Objectives
• Understand the fundamental principles of yoga and appreciate why yoga is so well
suited to address the trauma condition.
• Learn a trauma sensitive yoga framework that can easily be adapted to help you
meet the individual needs of the people you work with.
• Learn and practice a trauma sensitive approach to any yoga pose or movement.
• Learn and practice a simple sequence of poses that you can share with your clients.
• Understand what makes a yoga session trauma sensitive and learn and practice how
to conduct a safe offering.
• Experience, learn, and practice a number of other techniques you can employ to
help clients self-regulate, including Yoga Nidra, a guided relaxation and meditation
• Understand the rationale for, and an approach to, forming and working with small

At the conclusion of this course, you may opt to purchase a $20 hard copy of "Teaching Trauma-Sensitive Yoga- A Practical Guide" by Brendon Abram, published by North Atlantic Books and distributed by Penguin

If you do not have the space in your practice to teach clients but are still interested in this training, Pilates Manitoba has a mind-body room. 

No previous Yoga certification needed. All information & poses modified and adapted for any yoga teacher, clinician, social worker, psychologist or therapist to be able to introduce mindfulness into their own practice. If you are already a Yoga instructor, you will get 20 hours CEC's with Yoga Alliance. If you are interested taking this certification but have no space to practice it with your clients, Pilates Manitoba has a beautiful room for you to use to start building your mindfulness practice. Talk to us at 204.487.2287. 
There is 8 hours of self-study to prepare yourself prior to the first day of the course.