Carol is Brazilian, and she graduated in Physical Education back in 2004 in one of the most prestigious federal universities of Brazil, UFJF.

Since her childhood, she was always interested in physical activities and as a child, she began the practice of dance. Throughout her life, she has practiced numerous other activities, such as handball, soccer, capoeira, trekking, swimming, water aerobics, among others. And this enabled her to have contact with the most varied exercise experiences, which allowed her to turn the sports activities into a full-time profession.

However, when in 2007 she met the Pilates method, she started a case of love and commitment with no return. By learning about the principles of this activity, she also learned about how versatile the human body can be and how the method was able to aggregate, in a single activity, so many physical qualities and the opportunity to explore innumerable forms of exercise. So, Carol realized that this activity was not only efficient and effective but also motivating, challenging and fun!

Carol is passionate about studies that involve the human body and all its manifestations. Always motivated to use her knowledge for the benefit of the community, Carol sought into the alternative therapies, such as Reiki and Psych-k, some answers to create her own proposal of caring for the human being in a holistic way. Therefore, Carol includes exercises in her classes that work with conscious breathing and body awareness, taking care not only of the body but also of the mind. And this enables the individual to become more conscious about their body and their emotions, thus achieving a more balanced and healthy life.