Jenny Valdis Campbell is a Yin, Hatha, and Ashtanga yoga and Pilates instructor. She is also a Reiki Master and a BodyTalk practitioner. She has trained in both Winnipeg and Mexico.

She also specializes in yoga for disabilities and for those with injuries.  She has integrated her energy work into her yoga, utilizing the full benefits of yoga, tailoring poses and moves to fit each individual to meet their physical and mental needs. Through meditation, energy work, and psychology and anthropology education at the University of Manitoba, Jenny works with the clients’ subconscious selves. Akin to hypnotherapy, Jenny will help “reprogram” your subconscious self—the driving force behind habits, behaviors, and thought patterns and processes. Jenny has a broad understanding of addictions and the driving forces behind addiction and repetitive behavior; and has discovered that every behavior, physical aliment or manifestation has an energetic root.

Through energy work, the root of the problem is discovered and brought to light; to be released from the psyche. Jenny has dedicated herself to several years of spiritual and parapsychology research to make sense of the unknown and unseen demons that reside within all of us. Yoga and Pilates is the gateway to the new version of yourself!