In 2001 my physio advised me to start Pilates to help with my knee issues. My physio explained Pilates needed qualified, proper instruction in small settings. She suggested I try Pilates Manitoba. In a short amount of time I saw results. I quickly understood and admired the standard set by Pilates Manitoba. I live by the adapted attitude that I do Pilates because it affords me a lifestyle I want… squash, tennis, golf, sailing, active involvement with my grandchildren. In short, anything that I want to do I believe I can. I see the positive effects of Pilates daily in my life.

I am certified in:

– MELT METHOD Hand and Foot Trainer (studied with Sue Hitzman)
– STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair

My teaching Passion is empowering clients to make small incremental changes with big life long impact. I love learning with our great team of Physio and Massage therapists. Continually collaborating on how to better help clients while I continue to learn.