After moving to Winnipeg in January 2001 Ruth trained to become a fully certified Pilates Instructor. She teaches all levels of classes on all 7 pieces of Pilates equipment to groups, privates and semi-privates. She’s passionate about the form of Pilates. Her mat classes include work on all the small pieces of equipment. (Fitness Circle, Flex Band, Foam Roller, Bosu, Flex Ball, Toning Ball and more.) A Pilates Instructor for more than 8 years, Ruth enjoys challenging her clients to find the details of the work and encouraging them to push past their own physical limitations.

Previous to her training as a Pilates Instructor she taught everything from Post-Cardiac rehab fitness to horse back riding and baby ballet. Ruth trained as a dancer in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto. Her life in the dance world developed into a history of chronic back pain. Pilates allowed Ruth to eliminate that pain and continue to dance and perform to this day. Ruth is one of four instructors currently completing their Gyrotonic Certification. She brings a wealth of experience and a sense of humor to each and every class she teaches. When Ruth isn’t teaching Pilates she pursues her other passion of the performing arts. Ruth has a small theatre/dance company named Ruthable Productions, which is a vehicle for her to create and perform Fringe Theatre works.