A Must Read MELT Testimonial

I Made the Time

It’s 10pm .. great. It’s time to go to bed, read, close my eyes and think about every awful thing under the sun. Are my kids ok? Am I ok? I’m not exercising enough. I’m not eating well enough. Do I have a disease? Why does my shoulder hurt? It goes on and on and thoughts get darker. Sleep sometimes comes.

Morning time! I’m tired.

I was tired of the conventional methods of treating thoughts like this but equally tired of feeling the level of anxiety I haven’t felt since high school. I reached out to my good friend and change coach, Annabel. Help me, Annabel. What is this? I can’t sleep, I can’t stop my cycling thoughts. Why can’t my thoughts cycle around how many good things I have!?

Right away, she knew it was anxiety getting the better of me and reminded me that there are treatments in her studio that can help me. I’ve known this for years, of course. I’ve just never made the time. I made the time and just started.

I went to the studio and learned the roller technique of MELT Method at Annabel, Rose & Ruth at MELT Method Winnipeg, inside Pilates Manitoba. I didn’t have to be perfect, I didn’t have to memorize anything, and I didn’t have even have to understand the science. All I would have to do is follow a few simple instructions, provided to me for reference and I only needed to do this 10 mins / day, a few hours before bed. So I did.

I noticed stress reduction on the first night. Being an analytical person, I needed to give it more time. Maybe it was just all in my mind. Maybe it was just the act of doing ‘something’, that was helping me. I needed time before I could fairly make an assessment.

1 week went by, I still had no anxious thoughts before bed. I was less restless during sleep, I had the FitBit data to prove it!

2 weeks went by, same.

To everyone who is reading, there is something to this. Is it the roller? Is it the elevation of my body on the roller? Is it the breathing or the rocking? Was it because the instructions came from a loving person at a loving place? I don’t know. But whatever I am doing, whatever Annabel has taught me, has provided me with a skill to manage my anxiety levels, naturally, with movement. Try it.