Trauma Sensitive Yoga at Pilates Manitoba

We are certified in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Pilates training for PTSD, stress and trauma.

We use the  breath and mindfulness to help you calm the mind, focus inward, feel and sense the support and healing powers within your  own bodies, use gentle stretches to release and restore and then relax. Think of it as the physical expression of talk therapy, MBSR or CBT. 

Use gentle stretches and other  gentle release techniques including gentle Yoga and Pilates, all in the right space and time for you. 

You can stay with just the breath and mindfulness or move to the physical portion or not. When you are ready, you can try Gentle  Pilates to build the underlying base muscles once the mindfulness and awareness foundation has been built. 

Private lessons $25.  Small group lessons available.  Pre and post lesson coaching and support is included

Call 204.487.2287 or text 204.999.9984 for more info.