Finishing up March Mattness

To finish off March MATness..Pilates Fest North (PFN),  Canada’s premiere Pilates Festival coming Fall 2021, invited me to make this video for March MATness. Plan to join us at PFN this fall with presenters from all schools of Pilates from around the world. In Canada, 1/3 of instructors are Contemporary trained, 1/3 Stott trained and 1/3 Classically trained so try some of each! I am honoured to be teaching Pilates and introducing MELTed Pilates to Pilates instructors from around the world!

The Saw is a useful exercise to relieve neck, shoulder and low back strain and pain from sitting at a desk, or in front of the TV, for too long….however you roll during a lockdown! What it does: it stretches your entire spine and back line of fascia, it relieves tight hips and hamstrings, it is a full body stretch when the arms are added in and it challenges coordination with the breath, pulses and hand gestures, if you add those in. What’s important: Don’t overstretch or hold your breath. If your neck or shoulders or hips need a break, try it again after a short rest.

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