IntenSati – Uplifting exercise

There are a number of ways to manage and reduce stress in our lives. Most of them are related to getting out of our usual patterns, and leaving our worries behind, if even for a moment. So, for example, getting off the couch and getting up and moving is a great stress reliever. Once you are stable and aligmed, yo can do  more vigorous the exercise & get your heart rate up a little  with affirmations. Think cardio meets CBT. It seems that exercise is good for just about every health problem you can imagine, and stress is no different

April’s series is about the power to create change from personal power – it’s remembering that with awareness (Sati) comes choice and it’s in this place that we can choose what we think, say and do. Connecting to your personal power starts by acknowledging that everything is energy. If we want our life to get better – if we want our emotions to be more positive and strong – we have to change what it is we’re doing.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. intenSati, on the other hand, is about upgrading what we’re doing – it’s thinking differently, moving differently and speaking differently so that we can break the cycle of stuck and create a new energy signature.

You’ll find a powerful cardio series that will allow you to accept life as it is and to embrace your challenges so that you can set yourself free from the cycle of negativity. You’ll also find a thoughtful Lower Body sequence designed to promote positivity in the body and remove mental and emotional blocks, as well as a closing meditation that will help seal all of this month’s work in. This month of April 2021, how do you want to feel? And what thoughts, words and actions are in alignment with that energy signature?

WED 6 pm
FRI 9:30 am (no class Fri April 2)

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