MELT Method for Mind & Movement Stress

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Consider this quick 15 minute neck and shoulder sequence.

If you have a tense upper back and neck, you won’t want to miss this sequence in zoom class.

Pencil in some prehab before your next yoga class, weight workout, or tee time. Prehab is the opposite of rehab—it’s about taking care of your body first and proactively working to prevent pain and injury caused by repetitive motions and postures (yep, even the repetition of your downward dog can be injury-inducing). We’ll work on the hands, upper back, arms, and shoulder blades, building up to two radically restorative moves—the Side Lying Arm Fan and Rib Side Bend. The combo will boost shoulder stability and strength while unwinding tension.

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