MELT Method for Mind & Movement Stress

MELT is not a myofascial lengthening technique. It is a neuro-fascial stabilization technique, bringing your nervous system regulators back on line for true stability, communication and feel good movement. Find out more about fascial fitness,  4th dimension of fitness, beyond bone and muscle and why you need to add it to your day!

Discover how your IT band & quads play a key role in keeping your knees and legs hydrated, happy, and pain-free.

No thesaurus necessary: Your IT band and “ouch” should not be synonymous. We’re firm believers you should never cause pain when working to get out of pain. This 25 minute class will teach you ways to prep your IT band by hydrating the calves, shins, and back of thigh— bringing benefits to the knees and the entire lower body. Suffering from shin splints? The Shin Glide & Shear is going to be your new bestie (but if you had a knee replacement, you might want to skip these moves).

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