MELT Method for Mind & Movement Stress

Sometimes your body whispers, sometimes it screams, right? Whatever the volume is at right now, if you’re feeling kinks through the shoulders, around the spine, or neck—listen. And respond with this MELT class.

Release all that pent up stuck stress, tension, aches, pains, and inflammation with this incredibly accessible 30-minute class. Suitable for beginners but a blessing for any level, it’ll directly target woes in the upper back, spine, shoulders, and neck while acting as an indirect treatment to restore fluid flow in the lower body, too. You’ll enjoy a Mini Soft Ball Hand Treatment (which you can do standing if you need the extra support of a table), the Rebalance Sequence, Neck Release Sequence, and a few upper body length moves peppered in. This is truly an all-levels, any time, any day type of class.

MELT is not a myofascial lengthening technique. It is a neuro-fascial stabilization technique, bringing your nervous system regulators back on line for true stability, communication and feel good movement. Find out more about fascial fitness,  4th dimension of fitness, beyond bone and muscle and why you need to add it to your day!

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