Pilates is power

Last week we had tips 1 & 2.
Today we offer #3 & 4. Next week we will have 5 & 6.

3. Feeling more energetic
The first week of exercise has dramatic effects on the body as it becomes more efficient. It becomes better at producing energy and your workouts begin to feel easier. You’re going to start to find that your day to day tasks, climbing stairs or walking around the block, aren’t as tiring.


You’re not just feeling lighter, you are lighter! After one month of participating in an exercise program your metabolism speeds up, meaning that it burns calories at a faster rate. Even during rest your body is going to be a calorie burning machine. If your goal is to lose weight and you’re eating well, this is when you’ll notice the pounds dropping. Gravity won’t be such a nag anymore while you’re more easily sauntering through your day’s activities.

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