Mandatory Mask Usage stays in effect

In consultation with the instructors, physios, some clients, and a variety of health professionals, we have decided to keep mask usage mandatory at our studios. We will wait and see about the impact of mask removal in the public setting. We will wait to know more about the impact of the virulent COVID variants, and the opening of the Canadian border as well. We will follow the advice of predictive health model analysis. Pilates is a treatment under the umbrella of physiotherapy, which is under medical services, and thus, masks must be worn at all times. It is a requirement in the public areas of The Yoga Barre for those clients who access the Roblin studio. It is a requirement under the City of Winnipeg rules for those clients who are returning to our Transcona location (re-opens Thurs Sept 9). For these reasons and for reasonable monitoring, we are requesting all persons wear their mask at all times. Thank you very much.