MELTed Yoga for Fall 2021

10 week program. All levels.
Learn both Yoga and MELT. Great for deconditioned bodies. Also for existing yoga lovers.  Deepen your Yoga practice with even more awareness and flexibility.  No pain or strain. Finally do that elusive yoga pose!

Learn how to use the foundational sequences and treatments to boost your body’s resilience and vitality and alleviate aches and pains. We address the hands, feet, legs, and hips as well as sequences that address the low back, upper back, neck, and spine.  There’s something for everyone in this foundational series.  You will need the MELT half roller and soft ball, available for purchase if you do not have, or use a rolled up yoga mat in a pinch.

MELT is not a myofascial lengthening or foam rolling technique. It is a neuro-fascial stabilization technique, bringing your nervous system regulators back on line for true stability, communication and feel good movement. Find out more about fascial fitness,  4th dimension of fitness, beyond bone and muscle and why you need to add it to your day!

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