Pilates is power. Be inspired. Feel Great. Look good. Enjoy.

Pilates dramatically helps anyone increase flexibility, improve balance, and relieve the pain caused by muscle and joint stiffness.
with dynamic stretches that help you loosen up joints and increase your range of motion.

Mat-based and Reformer/Cadillac/Chair based Pilates available

The benefits of regular Pilates  are unmistakable. If you are unsure of where to begin contact us at.

We are an integrative team of people to work with. With our amazing instructors and physiotherapist, your chances of success are stronger and they can help monitor your progress and modify your plan accordingly as your heart grows stronger, your body becomes more efficient and your stability comes back online. Pilates and fascia approaches are primarily stabilization work.  You must stabilize your pelvis through your nervous system without straining your  soft, collagenous tissues or hurt your joints.

Fall Programs @ our Roblin location

Beginner Reformer Pilates with Julie.
Tuesdays 9 am. 10 weeks. Space is limited. Starts Sept 14.

Plus Size Pilates with Julie. Tuesdays 11:45 am. 10 weeks. Space is limited. Starts Sept 14.

Beginner Reformer Pilates with Tara
Thursdays 10:45 am. 10 weeks. Space is limited.  Starts Sept 16.

This is a great deal.  In the past, we have had people do a private orientation lesson to access the power of Reformer Pilates but here is the deal…10 for $190.00.