Breathing…never do you feel more connected to yourself or feel more alive

Most of us go throughout the day without giving the act of breathing a single thought. Considering how impactful the way we breathe is on our physical and mental health though, it’s time we change that.
Breathing is such an under-recognized topic in the health space today, even though COVID has taken the wind out of us.

How well our body takes in oxygen impacts our health on every level. From how well we sleep to our stress response and even our metabolism, breath is an incredible tool for optimizing health. The forgotten power of breathing and how we can tap into it to dramatically improves how we feel immediately.

Nothing really matters if we’re not breathing the right way. Breath is the anchor for all the systems in the body. Breathing predominantly through the nose has a much different impact on our health than mainly breathing through the mouth; we get 25% more oxygen by breathing in through the nose. Evolution has changed the structure of our jaws and airways, relating to the epidemic of crooked teeth we see in modern cultures.

James Nestor,  in a Stanford University experiment , had his nasal cavities plugged, and was forced to breathe only through his mouth for 10 days in an effort to test how the pathways through which we breathe affect our health. He saw immediate changes to his blood pressure, sleep, and other functions, which reversed when he could begin predominant nasal breathing inhaling again.

Breathing is one of our most powerful resources for reducing stress and regulating the parasympathetic nervous system. One of the easiest variations of breathwork we can all do throughout the day to slow down and feel better, is the Pilates breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Lately, many people are concerned they’re not getting enough oxygen through face masks. Science shows that we are getting enough and explains that CO2 can even have some benefits in the body that we didn’t previously understand.

Breathing is one of the most basic of functions yet most of us aren’t doing it right.Learn how to breath correctly when you come to our classes! Sign up here!

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