Pilates: Allied Healthcare

One of the most common myths about Pilates is that you need a to be of a certain age, body-type, or flexibility in order to practice. Pilates is for everyone! As clinical reports and research continue to reveal the pervasive health benefits of Pilates for people with a host of health conditions, it’s vital to dispel such misconceptions, and instead promote the value of Pilates to people of all ages and abilities.

Pilates is modifiable and adaptive, amplifying benefits, regardless of someone’s abilityWe welcome movement therapists, and all allied health professionals to learn how to prescribe and practice Pilates.

We have the dream of  accessible Pilates being everywhere, working tirelessly to pioneer Pilates practices that welcome people for whom the mat is a barrier. The Reformer had raised mats and there is also Chair Pilates, enabling a diverse range of health populations to access the benefits of the practice: improved fitness, flexibility, balance, strength and coordination; relaxation for body and mind; elevated health and wellbeing overall. The raised mats ideal for those who cannot get up or down from the floor due to age, disability, inflexibility, or injury.

Our comprehensive programs will empower all within a huge range of abilities, including those with Parkinson’s, MS, stroke, cancer or other conditions, as well as those with dementia, learning disabilities and their carers.