Winnipeg’s only MELT Method, MELTed Pilates and MELTed Yoga facility, for medical professionals and exercisers

What is MELT?

The MELT Method is a science-backed self-care technique that anyone can use to stay active, enhance performance, and get out (and stay out) of pain.

The restoration happens through rehydration—improving fluid flow throughout the connective tissue system called fascia. With gentle techniques, we help restore fascia’s supportive, supple qualities and release unwanted compression and tension that leads to imbalance and misalignment, and chronic pain.

While we have you here, here’s what MELT is not:
-It’s not exercise or a workout replacement
-It’s not stretching,
and (even though we’re technically assisted by soft foam rollers)
It’s not your typical foam rolling.

We think of it as Hands-Off Bodywork—it’s a technique that empowers you with the ability to treat yourself like a skilled, hands-on therapist. We think of it as an antidote to the high-pressure, high-stress, fast-paced lifestyles most people live today and the over-compression and dehydration caused at gyms, where workouts deplete fascial hydration so the rate of dehydration constantly outstrips the rate of rehydration.

MELT is a step-by-step form of gentle and easy neural development or re-pattering exercises using special rollers and little balls for your feet and hands and face.

Discover how you can reap the many benefits of the MELT Method,  helping your autopilot reconnect to your centre of gravity, improving breathing, and activating your restore regulators.