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Fight it With Fridays

What do you Fight with Fitness? Anxiety? Depression? Weight Gain?

Loss of muscle strength? It is your spirit and mindset that makes fitness medicine so share your stories and pics with us! Get your heart in the game and inspire others to show up in their own lives to make fitness and exercise medicine!

We have a variety of emotional, spiritual and physical fitness class choices on Fridays for you, like intenSati for uplifting moves and meditation, MELT for fascial training and Pilates for strength gains.

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intenSati Winnipeg offering intenSati classes

How many of you have tried positive affirmations in the form of vision boards, journalling and in front of your mirror?

It’s your spirit, your intention, your energy that makes exercise medicine. Call that up. Get your heart in the game!

Join us for uplifting fitness, mixing some adaptable cardio (you can do it sitting down in a chair) with yoga, Pilates, marital arts fun and call and answer affirmations, locked and loaded in at the end with a moving meditation. This month the theme is about choosing something you want to upgrade, not something immediate, that takes a bit of time and “Being Energetically Aligned “in your heart, mind, body…sneak peek…

I am love in action
I enjoy life now
I make the best of things
All is well

Physio Pilates available under Code Red

Zoom is an excellent way to keep in shape while we are in lockdown. Zoom classes will continue but won’t it be great to have the studios re-open?

There are five Pilates Reformers, Pilates Cadillac Towers and Pilates Stability Chairs at each location, 836A Corydon and 202-6640 Roblin Blvd, so as we prepare to get ready to re-open, please make sure to email now with the spots you want.  Get the time you want, the instructor you want and the location you want.

Physiotherapy & Physio Pilates are still open during Code Red. You can start your Pilates or continue your Pilates 1-1 with our physio. Covered under most insurance plans and check with your insurance carrier. Please book your appointments with us 204.999.9984 text or 204.487.2287 studio phone. Email is:


Have you developed new aches and pains since you’ve been working form home or sitting on a squishy sofa? Rebecca’s new class will give you a strong energetic body with a calm mind.  Rebecca is mixing Pilates mat and Zenga flow exercises with the mini- stability ball, roller and flexband, all used to aid in mobilization, releasing tension and stretching. If you do not have these props, you can order them here and you can pick them up or we can deliver.  

Thursdays 7:15 pm and Saturdays 10:15 am

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INTRO to MELT VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS Jan 14 and 19 for a great start to 2021

While many people stretch their muscles frequently, they are unaware of the benefits of stretching their body’s connective tissue or how to do it properly. There is increasing information and understanding about the importance of tending to this part of our bodies called fascia, especially as we age, to keep us moving and sore free. Fascia stretching is often credited as the most effective bodywork one can do, as it enables the development of deep foundational strength, promotes increased circulation, and lubricates and hydrates of the entire body. So, if you want to wake up every day feeling vibrant and ready to meet the physical demands of the day, learn how to properly care for and maintain your fascia. With the right expert advice and proper techniques, anyone, regardless of fitness experience or ability, can get their connective tissue into top shape and be stronger and free from aches and pain in just a few weeks. For those of you who meditate, do yoga or do Pilates slow and meditatively (me! me!), fascia is the organ of BEING not doing, and thus, MELTing brings you truly to your present moment, your conscious breath…the most important and powerful present moment we have!

With this highly beneficial MELT program, you’ll be guided, step by step, through a fascia stretching program that will strengthen your connective tissue, dramatically boost your physical endurance, and free your body of nagging aches and pains. MELT is specifically designed to benefit people at all physical health levels, so whether you are a performance athlete or someone who just wants to feel better, this class can accommodate your body’s needs. You will learn three to four fascia stretches for each area of the body each class. You will also be provided with detailed instructions on exactly how to safely execute a fascia stretch with easy-to-follow cues and modification options. You will have all you need to continue to care for your fascia, feel great, and move with more fluidity and ease.

What is included in our MELT classes:

  • fascia stretching with 3-4 stretches tailored to each area of the body.
  • Guidance on how to achieve a strong body foundation as a framework for the stretches.
  • Gentle cues designed to introduce deep, full-body awareness and presence during each lesson.
  • Modifications to accommodate every fitness ability.
  • ongoing education on how fascia stretching benefits each specific area of the body, with explanations on the difference between fascia stretching and traditional stretching.
  • A fascia journal to help you keep track of the most beneficial body stretches you’re learning along the way.
  • Lots of encouraging support, motivation, and useful daily tips as you practice this highly beneficial new bodywork regime.

Who should take MELT?

  • Anyone who is tired of feeling achy and stiff and wants to feel more energetic and physically better.
  • Beginners looking for clear and simple guidance on how to create a highly effective new bodywork practice that will strengthen and protect their connective tissue and well-being for many years to come.
  • Athletes wishing to ensure their body is reaching its full physical potential.
  • Individuals struggling with pain from scar tissue or congested connective tissue.
  • Those seeking to proactively protect their body’s fascia from aging.
  • Everyone who is interested in transforming and strengthening their body.

 Equipment you’ll need:

  • Mat or padded area
  • Pillow or blanket
  • Chair
  • Wall
  • MELT Roller or Half Roller
  • if using a regular harder roller, add a towel on top or use a rolled up yoga mat with extra towel padding but please note that we can not guarantee results if not using the MELT equipment.
  • the MELT ball kit or a squash ball. Please note that we can not guarantee results if not using the MELT equipment.

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Stability Chair Equipment Rental

Rent a Stability Chair for a Resilient Winter. The STOTT Stability Chair is a perfect at home Pilates apparatus. It’s compact design and versatility for work on strength and balance may just be your best bet for in-home Pilates work this fall. We will deliver the rental to you, within the city.

Rent a Stability Chair, for $25 per week + GST, and join our Wednesday morning 9:30 a.m. ZOOM Stability Chair class with Tara. The class is free with the Chair rental. Connect with us at 204.999.9984.

Pilates Tower Trainers for SALE

Looking for the best gift for the holidays? The Tower Trainer is a versatile piece of Pilates apparatus that folds us for easy storage. It has a folding mat, the Pilates Barre, the Push Through Bar and all of the springs and straps of the Cadillac for $500 each. Ruth has a ZOOM  class Thursdays 5-6 pm for this piece of equipment. We can deliver the apparatus to you within the city. With a very unique wintertime ahead of us as well as the holidays, now is a good time to get one of these… to stretch and strengthen you! Text 204.999.9984 to order one and arrange for delivery!

Multi-Purpose Pilates Tower Trainer

Lockdown Starts Nov. 12, 2020

Well, I guess no one is surprised that we are being locked down for a second time and we are all ready to do our part.
All in-person classes and appointments, except for the private appointments with the Physios (Physio can continue) will cease until further notice by the Provincial government starting tomorrow, Thursday November 12th.

Thankfully, our Zoom classes will give you an opportunity to continue with your Pilates practice from home in the meantime. If you do not own a Zoom pass at the moment, they are available in 5-packs ($78.75 GST incl) or in 10-packs ($157.50 GST incl)

If you do not see the class you want at a time you want, email me back and we will set something up to match your needs and goals. If you want to try a new class and need the props, let us know and we will get the prop to you, curbside delivery i.e MELT rollers, stability balls, flexbands

As well, we are renting out the Stability chairs and we are also selling the Tower Trainers we have left and there are Zoom classes for those too. It is going to be a long winter!

If you are not already on zoom, it is a free download on the device you want to use and I prefer laptop or tablet. Then, make sure you sign up in the class you want at least 30 min before class so the instructor sees your email to send the Zoom link to. When the email comes, make sure you click on it and follow the easy instructions it prompts. Make sure your video is on and that is an easy prompt too.

Your current in-person class pass will not expire so you can resume your classes once we re-open. Thanks for your understanding.

Take care. Be well.

Code Red – What does this mean for Pilates Manitoba?

Pilates Manitoba is categorized as a PERSONAL SERVICE, not a gym or fitness facility. Thus, small REFORMER, MELT, ELDOA and intenSati classes are operating as usual with mandatory mask usage at all times, all cleaning and sanitizing protocols and tracing through automated Reformer/MELT/ELDOA/intenSati class reservations and attendance. And we always have great ZOOM classes too! It is important to stay connected and active for your physical and mental health, we are here for you…when you do stability and stretch work, your mind will also stay more stable and sane!