Pilates Manitoba Rates - 2024

Class + Private Lessons + Physio Pilates Rates

We accept cash, cheque, credit card payment, and E -Transfer. We kindly ask that you consider paying by E-transfer to: info@pilatesmanitoba.com (no security question or password required) to reduce processing fees. Thank you. 

All services are pre-paid and  non-refundable. We observe a 24 hour cancellation policy so please cancel 24+ hours in advance to avoid being charged for the service.  All services expire 6 months from Date of Purchase. Please note we are not a gym. Pilates is neuro-muscular-skeletal re-patterning. You are training and re-training the faulty signals in your autonomic nervous system (ANS)  to get off your auto-pilot and back into your healthy movement patterns. Chronic pain comes from faulty patterns in the ANS and you can re-train it without pain or fear.   Pilates can be used for pre-hab/re-hab/fitness. All classes are small, personalised,  with corrective exercising to advance your awareness and feel the deep, innate, all-natural wisdom inside you. We also teach you fascial awareness and joint hydration so your joints do not grind/snap/pop/hurt again and they glide and thrive. For sustainable and long lasting change, you have to have a record of this change in your body, that was processed by you and your body, and not just your mind.  Pilates is problem solving and you will feel it work, and those positive changes will stay. Get off the hurt/rest/hurt/rest/hurt/rest "symptom/non-symptom"  vicious cycle and onto your thrive and alive continuum, without eroding your joints. Also great for people who can not afford physio or manual therapies, as this is more economical and has lasting benefits. 

All prices include tax. To join Reformer classes (6 people all at the same level) you must have prior Reformer experience or have 1-3 Private orientation lessons before you go to class, for safety and customisation. Call or text 204.999.9984 for more info and to book those lessons. 

$27.00 | 1 x Drop In Class (for those who already know Reformer)
$210.00 | 10 x 60 Min Class Flex Pass
$83.00  | 1 x 60 Min Private Lesson
$225.00 | 3 X 60 Min Private Lesson. These are mandatory as your orientation to Reformer classes. 
$375.00 | 5 X 60 Min Private Lesson
$748.00 | 10 x 60 Min Private Lesson
$55 | 1 x 60 Min Duet (Semi- Private Lessons) per person (pp)
We have TRX. We have the LUNGtivity Program.  We have intenSati classes. We have the MELT Method, ELDOA Method, and Gyrotonic.
Check our seasonal specials. Check our MELT & ELDOA Method specials.

$80.00  | 5  Classes
$160.00 | 10  Classes
Transcona location (mat only; no large apparatus)
$160.00 | 10 classes
LUNGtivity is a form of "social prescribing". Social prescribing is a key component of Universal Personalised Care. It is an approach that connects people to activities, groups, and services in their community to meet the practical, social and emotional needs that affect their health and wellbeing. LUNGtivity is a community based, small group program of wholeness work (breath and diaphragm awareness work, core stability and alignment work, gentle cardio to re-regulate the tone of all deep internal base muscles) to support those with lung conditions including COPD, emphysema, Pulmonary Fibrosis,  Long COVID and dysregulated/dysfunctional breathing even if a cardiac health issue as well as those transitioning from or waiting for the Pulmonary Rehab Program. Pay what you can up to $10 per class + tax. No doctor's prescription or referral is needed to join. 
intenSati classes (mood-lifting cardio with spoken affirmations)
Fitness that focuses on all the right things, not just muscles, weight loss, and reps. Exercise your feelings.Exercise your power.  On Zoom every Friday morn 9:30 am (sign-up on line) and also in-person every Friday at 12:05-12:50 pm at Cindy Klassen. 
Classes are 60 minutes long. We observe a 24 hour cancellation policy. All services and purchased items are non-refundable.   All services expire 6 months from Date of Purchase.

Physiotherapy + Physio Pilates Rates

Our physiotherapists are trained in Pilates. Pilates is one of the many treatments they utilize in their physiotherapy practice. The visits can prepare you for Pilates classes. Physiotherapy includes assessment and development of an appropriate treatment program, and may be covered under your extended health care insurance. No doctor's prescription or referral is needed. 

$100.00 - no tax | 1 x 45 min Physiotherapy initial visit
$90.00 - no tax | 1 x 45 min Follow-up physiotherapy visit