Resuming In-Person Lessons

Hey everyone, the door is opening a crack. We are resuming 1-1 Private lessons or semi-privates (have to be in the same household)  and in-person consultations. You can book now for Sat Feb 13, 2021 onward.
P/T: 204 999-9984

Group classes in-person are not allowed yet but we are getting the schedule ready so please connect with us
about the in-person group class that you want.

In the meantime, zoom classes will continue as is

Thank you. Take care. Stay safe.


Physiotherapy & Physio Pilates (you can do your Pilates 1-1 with a physio) are still open so please book your appointments with us if you want to see the physio or take Pilates with the physio that may be recoverable with your insurance (check with your carrier

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