MELT Method for Mind & Movement Stress

The fascial system is the stabilization system of our bodies. When its stiff-to-elastic properties get out of balance from too hard a workout or too long a posture, without replenishing the water in the tissues, we get stiff- to- elastic imbalance and our alignment and mobility is compromised.This is not just because of the dry layers of the fascia but because  the free nerve endings and sensory nerve endings in that fascia are going to send and receive information in a poor way.

If you repeat that  poor posture and poor movement pattern, it becomes not only faulty but your default movement pattern.  Once you are there, you go down that rabbit hole of dysfunction and compromising more and more till you nervous system says “I can’t compromise one more time” and you go to move and…oh, you throw out your back or your neck And then you are really cranky and sore. You can’t sleep and are nasty to be around. You are not only stuck in you fascia and movement but in you mind and thoughts because they are one in the same. This is part of the stress and fear reflex of the nervous system and this is what MELT teaches you to massage the joints and tissue, and tap into yourself to be the Master of your Mind, Mouth and Movement.

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