5 New Ways To Help The Brain Heal Itself

Read about how Feldenkrais plays a part in healing the brain.   Join us in the studio for Feldenkrais classes Saturday’s at 9 am.  Drop-ins welcome!

Feldenkrais Method (Functional Integration)

What is it?
Feldenkrais functional integration lessons involve private sessions tailored to each person’s needs. Gentle non-invasive touch is usually performed with the student laying on a table. It’s a hands-on form of tactile, kinesthetic communication. While a massage therapist works with muscle and a chiropractor works with bones, these touch therapists work with the nervous system. Sessions happen with a therapist, but the Feldenkrais Method can be taught in groups.

Who is it for?
Cerebral palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, children born missing parts of the brain.

Why do scientists think it works?
The method is based on the fact that neural pathways to and from the brain are spread throughout the body. Feldenkrais believed that increasing our awareness of movement is key to refining our brain maps for movement. Many people with strokes or cerebral palsy develop spastic limbs that can’t move, making it difficult for them to develop mental maps to control fine movement. When a person is relaxed, touch and simple movements make it easier for the brain to create the mental maps needed to start moving properly. In essence, it’s using the body to talk to the brain through soft touch.

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