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Adaptive Fitness Specialist Certification

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Our AFS certification is available for support workers, fitness professionals, family members and/or volunteers to work in the area of health and wellness with persons with disabilities. Our manual covers many physical disabilities as well as mental health issues.

Whether you are:

1. An existing Manitoba Fitness Council (MFC) instructor and want 5 CEC’s;
2. Someone who wants to take this special course but is not a MFC instructor and wants to become one (the Manitoba Fitness Council have lots of awesome fitness leadership development courses including ones for seniors and Yoga and everything! ) …you will need to do Exercise Theory first and that course offered online or Sept 21-23 for a real live course; or
3. A care / support worker who just wants to take this special course and not be MFC certified (you will still get a Hutton House certification).

This course is for you!!

Course name: Adaptive Fitness Specialist Certification
Instructor: Kristy Hoornick
Date: Nov 17 & 18
Time: Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 5pm
Location: Pilates Manitoba, 390 Academy Rd, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cost: Early bird registration (before Oct 1) $400 + $50 for the manual, otherwise $450 + $50 for the manual
Contact To Register: Pilates Manitoba @ 204.487.2287

The purpose of the course is to:
· provide training to develop skills to respond and support the fitness and wellness needs of persons with disabilities.
– to teach adults 18+ years
-to raise awareness and build inclusivity
-to get more persons trained in a variety of fitness and wellness experiences that build community and compressive, safe,portable, modifiable, adaptable programs for all.
– if you are interested and not currently an MFC certified instructor, contact me so you can take the Exercise Theory course first to get your MFC start and then take this course
– Approved for 5 MFC CECs

You will learn how to:
· provide a personalized program, to be used in the group or individual setting, for the disabilities specified within the training and a safe environment that meets the needs and lifestyle of each individual looking for your assistance to meet their fitness and wellness goals.

This program focuses on the fitness and wellness for adults 18 years of age and older.

– Level 2 is the mind-body, pilates and yoga portion
– Coaching and motivation; communicating and correcting errors; goal setting
– Basic sport skills, motor program, how athletes learn, learning models, levels of instruction
– Physical disabilities i.e arthritis, brain injuries, fibromyalgia, M.S
– Intellectual disabilities i.e Down’s syndrome
– Mental health i.e anxiety, ADHD, OCD
– Other conditions such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, osteoporosis
– Wheelchair fitness
– Accessibility
– Level 2 is the mind-body, pilates and yoga portion that will follow in 2019.

Note: You will need to take Exercise Theory first, to become an MFC Certified Adaptive Fitness Specialist Instructor. You will receive certification from Hutton House for taking this course.